Quality Over Quantity

I’ve been lifting for around a year now (9 months to be exact), and to say that there has been a change in the way I feel and think about training is a huge understatement.  

When I first started out, I always thought that the more volume you do, you were going to get bigger and stronger quicker.  10 sets of curls instead of 3?  My guns would become so big and noticeable that the cops would have to ask me to hide them.  Bench press 5 times a week?  I’ll get that gorilla chest in no time.  Half squat 20 reps every workout?  I’ll get that big butt in no time.

I followed this train of thought for 3 months total, and little results showed, if any.  Guns weren’t popping, chest and butt was flat.  I was like, “Dam, what the heck is wrong with me?  Why am I not gaining any muscle?”  

I didn’t find out the answer to my question til I came across a Reddit post that was titled “Stuff Newbies Do.”  One of the top comments was how almost all beginners seemed to think that spending 3 hours in the gym would get them results, but that the truth was what matters more is the quality, not length of your workout. A part of the comment that stuck with me was, “It doesn’t matter if you work out for 1 hour or 10 hours; what matters is who has the higher quality workout.  If you’re going to do something (weightlifting), at least do it right.”

With my new found knowledge, the efficiency and quality of my workout increased and became worthwhile.  I spent less time in the gym, but the time I spent was much more effectively used.  I didn’t half ass my exercises; I gave it my all on every set and every rep.  I made sure that when I finished my set, I had nothing left in the tank.  With these new techniques, I was able to make much more progress in 1 month than I was in 3 months.  I was able to make progress in less time, because I used my time efficiently.


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