The First Step is Always the Hardest

Fear is prevalent around us and always has been since the beginning of our lives.  Taking our first step, going to the first day of Kindergarten and leaving our parents behind, and being potty trained are some of the toughest moments we’ll experience early in our life.

However, taking these steps in life are necessary and important in life; you can’t live your life under a rock and avoid the inevitable things.  The way you approach these steps in life sets the precedent for how you approach your fears in the future.

When people look to change their lifestyle and habits, they are scared to do so.  Most people are comfortable, albeit not satisfied, with what their current lifestyle is.  They’re afraid to jump out of their comfort zone in order to improve the quality of their lives.  They’re afraid to take the first step in the process to improve their health and quality of life.  Whether it’s the fear of being judged for eating chicken and broccoli in a tupperware or being laughed at for lifting lightweights and running on a treadmill, the fear consumes over the person and prevents them from taking the steps needed to achieve their goals.

If you really want to accomplish your goals, you have to overcome your fears and realize that fears are meant to be conquered, not avoided.  Taking the first step may seem the hardest, but after taking the first step, the next steps will feel easier and easier.  Eventually, leading a quality and healthy lifestyle will seem like nature to you; it won’t be a fear, but moreso, comfort.


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