The Key Is FOCUS

Going to the gym and enjoying the scenery, chatting it up with a few friends and making small talk is fun and all, but remember, you came here on a mission, to accomplish your goals.

The only way to accomplish these goals is to keep focus on the task at hand, and not only keep focus on your task, but to finish your task with all your will.

Getting sidetracked with conversation, or anything in general, isn’t going to help you accomplish your goals.  It’s going to prevent you from reaching and realizing your goals.  It takes up valuable time that could be used to lift weights.  It takes up energy that could be used to do an extra 15 minutes of cardio.  It makes you lazy and prolongs your workout, and in turn, might encourage you to NOT finish your workout.

Keeping focus on your task makes it much more efficient.  You can accomplish much more and in much less time.  It’s like reading a book in English; if you focus on the book instead of procrastinating on it and reading a few pages at a time, you get a much better understanding of the book, and a much better experience from reading it in a much shorter amount of time.


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