Being Big vs Being Ripped: The Diet

In the latest installment of my series, I will be covering the aspect that I believe is the most essential to becoming being ripped or being big: the diet.  Often times, this is the part that most people will fail in even in their normal routines to lose weights.  Diet will the deciding factor in whether you achieve your goals or not so naturally, it is the hardest part of the plan to follow.

Clearly, dieting is.

There are two ways to diet to get big.  The first way is simple, but will take a toll on how your body looks.  It’s simple; eat, eat, eat, and when you feel full, keep eating more.  See, being big requires that people pack on more muscle mass.  What’s the only way to do this?  By providing your body with more material to create this mass.  There are no restrictions on diet, as the goal is just to pack on as many calories as possible.  The other way to do this will still create body mass, but will make you look a lot less fat.  The idea is the same, to eat as much calories as possible, except to get calories from healthier sources.  That means that you will eating a lot of chicken, while cutting out the hamburgers.  This method is a lot harder to follow, but will produce better results in terms of achieving a more aesthetic body.

I find that this image holds true for a bulking diet

I’m not going to lie, dieting to get a shredded body is one of the hardest things to do in fitness.  Not only will there be a huge reduction in calories, but these calories will also have to come from healthy sources.  There are many ways to do this, but I have found the most success with a diet called paleo.  This diet calls for people to eat like the cavemen once did, only natural foods that are not processed.  I followed this diet for three months, and I was able to look visibly more cut despite maintaining the same weight, which is what diets for shredded bodies should aim for.

The paleo diet is popular in the crossfit program, and also among military personel.


At the heart of both these diets is the same idea; eat healthier.  The main difference is how much food to consume in each diet.  These diets should weigh heavily as you consider what route you wanna take, especially since diet is considered to be the most important part of having a great body.

Harrison Nguyen p6


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