The Right State of Mind

When I first began getting into fitness and trying to lose weight, the biggest obstacle I went through was not the exercising nor the diet, but rather, the criticism.

ImageThis applies to many people too.  For many people trying to get into shape, they are willing to put in the hard work and dedication that goes along with the journey.  They track their macros, weight their foods out, and rarely ever cheat on their diet, do cardio such as jogging or running on the treadmill, and lift weights.  It becomes a habit for these people to go through these procedures everyday.  They are able to make progress on a daily basis, and make themselves look and feel better.

However, once those people make noticeable progress, and other unfit people start to notice, they begin to get criticized and critiqued.  The ones getting in shape get criticized for “putting themselves through suffering” and “not making the most out of their lives.”

Getting criticized and shamed can throw you off your diet and affect your mentality.  You become more encouraged to “cheat” on your diet, and your motivation dwindles quickly.  You wonder to yourself, “Is there really a point in doing this?  Is there any good that’s going to come out of this?”

Bottom line, yes there is.  The people criticizing you are the ones that are jealous of you, the ones that are mad you are changing yourself for the better.  You have to ignore these people, and keep on pushing.


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