Being Big Versus Being Ripped

Our next big project in English class is the BRAWL.  The point of the brawl is to explore Heart of Darkness in a different light, in view of many different perspectives.  In honor of this brawl, I will be doing a series on being ripped versus being big.  I find that many people are misguided in this area, so I hope to enlighten them with my vast knowledge of bodybuilding.

The first thing that people need to realize that there IS a difference between being big and being ripped.  Everyone thinks that being buff automatically means that you have huge cut muscles and that you have a body like the Spartans.

Not everyone will be able to achieve the body of a Spartan

This is an example of someone being both huge and ripped.  Not many people can say that they are both of these things.  However, before we continue, we have to define what each of these traits mean.

First, we’ll address being big.  People who get huge do not necessarily get a lot of praise.  Sure, they may be super strong and can lift heavy objects, but their body’s usually aren’t very aesthetic.  In most cases, this is because they simply only have one goal, to lift as heavy a weight as possible.  This means that they have an utter disregard for how their body looks, causing many people to think that they are really fat.   These people are are called power lifters, and they compete in strength competitions.

As you can see, most power lifters will not be sporting a six pack


On the other end of the spectrum lies the people who are shredded.  This doesn’t mean that they have huge muscles, just that they have a lower body fat percentage that allows their muscles to be more clearly defined.  These are the people that always have seem to have a six pack.  These are the people that compete in bodybuilding competitions.

He doesn’t have big muscles, but girls will still drool over him


At the end of the day, the average person should aspire to be a combination of both.  However, it is extremely tough to do both, so in this series, I will look at different aspects of achieving both bodies, and weigh the pros and cons of each body.   By the end, I hope readers will be able to differentiate between the two bodies and decide what they really want out of their weightlifting.

Harrison Nguyen p6


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