Education Innovation

For my innovation project, I hosted a TedX event with a group of other students.  The idea to host an event was conceived the past spring by my friend, Steven Truong.  I hopped on because I thought it was a great idea.  At the beginning of the project, there was a lot of ambition, but not very much work to back up that ambition.  As a result, the entire summer was wasted, dreaming about the possibilities of what we could do.  It wasn’t until a couple of other members joined the team that actual progress began to be made.

The TedX Team

Planning started in the fall following that summer.  At first, we worked at a snail’s place.  No one had ever hosted an event like this before, so we struggled with what we had to do.  The only thing we had set in stone was the date, December thirteenth.  So, two months before the date, we still had no clue what we were going to do.  However, one month before the event took place, desperation began to kick in.  A setting for the event began to develop, along with a lineup of speakers.  Along with this flurry of activity came conflict within our group.  There were two sides, one that felt like everything needed to be done right away, and the other believing that everything was fine at the current pace.  These two groups made working a bit awkward, but the urgency of the imminent event drowned out any negative feeling.  The day came upon us, and TedXFountainValleyHighSchool occurred.

OC Register!

Overall, the event was successful.  One hundred people attended, the maximum number allowed by Ted.  In addition, our event was mentioned in the Orange County Register.   However, there were a number of improvements that could be made for the next event.  First, the sound needed to be better.  I was responsible for making sure that the mics worked, and I failed.  The main issue was that the speakers were moving their heads around in a way that made it difficult for the mic to catch their voice.  Second, we could find different kinds of speakers.  I felt like some of the speakers were giving a lecture to a college class.  Finally, we could try to expand the event.  We sold one hundred tickets, but it felt like a lot less people attended.  All of these points should be considered in our next event on March 21, which is currently in the planning stages.  

Hopefully our next even will be even better than this current one.  Additional information about the upcoming event can be found at our official website,


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