Face The Monster, Don’t Run Away From It!

In Frankenstein, Victor tries to avoid the monster he created by running away from it.  In the end, it comes back to bite him, as the monster gets revenge on Victor by killing all of his family.
Fitness can be paralleled by this example, except instead of just one monster, there can be multiple monsters.  For one person, it could be sticking to their diet; for another, it could be doing cardio.

Whatever that monster is, there is no way of avoiding it.  If you try to avoid it, it will come back in the future and haunt you, in one form or another.  If you don’t stick to your diet and cheat on it constantly, you’ll put on excess fat, and will have to diet for even longer to shed it off.  If your training regimen mandates you do cardio, and you don’t do cardio, you may not be able to lose all that stomach fat and be shredded for summer.

Simply put, if you have trouble with any obstacle on your path to achieving your goal, face that obstacle sooner than later.  It may be tempting to dodge your obstacle and face it later, but doing that will only have consequences in the future and delay the fruition of your goal.
Andy Phan P2


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