The Different Sides of Fitness

Frankenstein is simply a book, but it has so many different facets to it then simply just telling a story about a monster.  Likewise, fitness can be so many different things besides just being healthy.

The world of fitness cannot be defined by just eating healthy and having heart.  There are many different perspectives from which to look at this universe.  First, the definition of fitness must be explored.  For the power lifter, fitness is achieving a 200 pound squat.  For schools around the country, fitness means being able to run a mile in a certain time.  For the average person, fitness is exercising for thirty minutes a day and eating relatively healthy.  Clearly, fitness does not mean one thing.  As a result, a person who wants to get in shape should first establish what his or her goals are before they do anything.  That way, there is a focused effort rather than just aimless exercising.

Fitness is not just limited to getting on a treadmill for an hour. Look at what you want to do, and adjust your method to achieve your desired goals.

So, what’s your goal?  Do you want to be faster, or just maybe shave a couple inches off that waistline?  Whatever it is, establish it, and work hard.

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