The Evolution of Your Body

Training and transforming your body is not a process in which we can can set lofty goals and achieve them overnight; it’s a process that occurs over time.  It’s a procedure that takes time and effort to develop and nurture, one that forces you to adapt along the way and make changes to fix the weaknesses in your plan.
Training the body to achieve your goal consists of three main features: copy, transform, and combine.

The copying phase is retrieving the basics and fundamentals of previous workout regimes and diets and applying them to your lifestyle.  Basics, such as doing cardio and eating at a calorie deficit, and fundamentals, such as hard work, should be incorporated into anybody’s lifestyle.
The next phase is the transformation phase.  This is when you adapt your regime and diet to something that is suitable and enjoyable for you.  Don’t like running five days a week?  That’s OK, join a dance or yoga class and participate in it.  Getting tired of broccoli and chicken every day of the week?  Try different but healthy meals, such as steamed salmon or a fruit salad, or maybe even treat yourself with something sweet.  Do something that’s enjoyable and sustainable for you.

The last phase is to combine the old school thoughts and new ideas together, and create a lifestyle that will satisfy you both emotionally and physically.  It’s not impossible nor hard to look good and feel good.


2 comments on “The Evolution of Your Body

  1. I like the post. It was short, simple, and straightforward with its message. As a person going through physical training as well, I am only more motivated by this post to do more, do differently, and do better. I agree that the process does not occur overnight. At first, you can be disappointed by the small progress and changes. However, you have to stick to it all the way to the end. Over time, the process only gets easier and your mindset WILL start to change. Thank-you for being a part of those who encourage our fellow people to be healthier. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.

    • Thank you! I went through this phase for a while too, and it can be mind depleting and energy draining to go through it. Having someone encourage you to keep on going is important and could be the difference between success and failure.

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