Keeping it Simple

From previous experiences, I’ve learned the most important thing to achieving weight loss is not planning, but simplicity and execution.  Having a plan to guide you through your month long diet has the potential to make things much easier, but many people over complicate their plans.  They go under strict and unnecessary guidelines, such as not eating carbs after dark and avoiding processed foods.  These guidelines may be part of a successful diet, but it does not guarantee one.

Rather, I’ve learned the best way to diet is keeping it simple so you can execute it to perfection.  A simple diet, to me, is having a daily target calorie goal, and eating whatever you want to reach that goal.  Whether it be by eating donuts or vegetables, if I don’t exceed my calorie limit, then my diet will be successful.  By having leniency and simplicity in my diet, I can execute it much more successfully and quickly.

In Hamlet, Hamlet over complicates his plan to kill King Claudius.  He is indecisive about when and whether to kill Claudius, waiting for the perfect time to strike him.  Though he kills King Claudius in the end, his goal could have come to fruition much more quickly if he had just killed King Claudius when he was praying.
– Andy Phan Period 2


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