Everyone Has Those Days

Ben Franklin was a wise man

Today I went to they gym and got utterly destroyed by my first set of squats.  I was disheartened at first, but then I looked back at why I failed, and there I found my mistake.

My pre-workout seemed fine; I stretched, warmed up on the rowing machine, and then stretched some more.  However, reviewing the previous twenty four hours made me realize that I had not properly prepared for my workout.  First, I had not eaten since breakfast.  Second, I slept very late the night before.  Third, I did not come to they gym prepared, forgetting my headphones and water bottle.  All of these things contributed to my inability to lift that weight when the moment came.

Indeed I was disappointed with myself, but I realized that this was just one workout.  This was just one time.  I should not let it discourage me from going to the gym.  In fact, I should use this workout as motivation to work even harder the next workout.  After all, in the grand scheme of things, my one failed workout will mean nothing if I have hundreds of successful workouts.  Similarly, one failed incident should not derail an entire project.  My innovation project experienced a hiccup, but I will still continue to work on it.

The other thing is that I need to prepare myself properly for a workout, not just immediately before, but days in advance.  After all, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.


2 comments on “Everyone Has Those Days

  1. madison817 says:

    don’t get discouraged! keep at it consistently and you will notice changes soon. getting fit and healthy is a lifestyle choice, not an overnight achievement 🙂

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