Do you exercise, or do you train?

There is a difference between exercising, and training.  Most people at the gym exercise.  Only a select few train.

Training is an entirely different animal than exercising.  Exercise is casual, for the average person who goes to they gym for the sake of going to the gym.  These type of people will might skip training days, or take breaks when the going gets tough.  Training is for the person who wants to better themselves.  People who train have long term goals, and are truly dedicated to hitting the gym.  They don’t make up excuses to skip gym time.  Not only that, they reserve part a part of their week to go to the gym.  When they are at the gym, they focus on the exercises at hand and work with intensity.  People who exercise tend to lollygag around, taking breaks to text or take selfies.  People who train are the ones who will achieve their goals.  Mark Rippetoe, the author of Starting Strength, wrote an excellent article about this difference.

Training vs Exercise

So what do you do?  Are you one of those people who takes ten minute breaks between sets and just goes around touching every machine?  Or are you like San Te, the Shaolin monk who trained his best and became one of the greatest kung fu masters ever?

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