Blindness in Weight Loss

There’s a common misconception that losing a few pounds or gaining a few pounds is noticeable. I can promise you, It’s not. 

I’ve lost around 14 pounds and people still barely notice. The thing that matters is that I notice that I look better. You may not notice that you lost weight, and your friends may not notice that you lost weight… but it is happening. Though people are blind to it, your body is changing. It’s just not noticeable, yet. 


In the movie, Master of the Flying Guillotine, one of the most strongest characters is blind. Though he cannot see, he can still fight, behead, and kill. There is power in his lack of sight, and this can relate back to the common dieter. Though they cannot see, they are still making changes that are steadily improving their bodies. Not being able to see is discouraging, but when the Blind Guillotine Master accurately strikes his opponent and yanks off his head, all he feels is success and satisfaction. Likewise, after weeks of eating salads and working out, the feeling after seeing a dramatic change in your waist size is phenomenal. You just have to keep at it. 


Losing weight does not happen overnight, that is if you’re doing it the healthy and correct way. It takes time, patience, and much sacrifice. In the end, however, it will be extremely worth it. Just think about it this way: Even if you only lose half a pound a week, that is still 26 pounds lost within the next year. You can do it. 

-Minh Thu Le P6 



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