Fitness is Boring

Usually, people are expected to dream big, to do the impossible.  In fitness, this usually means losing X amount of pounds in X time.  The people who set this type of goal will not succeed.  In order to succeed, people must be boring.

Hamlet was consumed by a desire for revenge; everything he did was to avenge his father.  He began to devising a huge scheme to punish his uncle, however as the play went on, he grew entangled in the details, slowing him down.  In the same vein, following a broad plan of weight loss will only be confusing and discouraging, especially when goals are not reached.  For most people, the key to success would be setting small goals.  This may include simple things like cutting out soda, or going to the gym three times a week.  An acronym I like to use in this situation is K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid).  By keeping these tasks small, people are more inclined to follow through.  This solves the main problem:  consistency.

By keeping things simple, you are laying down the foundation for success

The main point of setting these smaller goals is so that people will complete, because at the end of the day, leaving these goals incomplete will make them as useful as the vegetables that rot away in the back of your refrigerator.  The secret to achieving goals is to be a boring person.  No, this does not mean having a bland personality.  It means that you make your life a routine.  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at six o clock, you go to the gym.  Every morning, you make yourself a protein shake and you down it on the way to school.  Every night, you go to bed at ten thirty, no matter if you finished your homework or not.  After a while, these acts become a habit.  These habits will be ladder that help you reach the goals that seem unattainable.

Harrison Nguyen p6

Make time to work at what you want to achieve


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