Don’t be green with envy… be green with veggies!


Jealousy and envy. It exists everywhere, stemming from a variety of different things. You can be jealous of your best friend for scoring higher on a test. You can be jealous of your brother for getting better genes.

You can be jealous of your friend for having a nicer car, or you can be envious of your sisters double cheese burger.

Whatever the situation, envy is an ugly thing. Most of the time, such feelings of jealousy can spur hate and possibly actions.

The most common type of jealousy I’ve seen is the one between girls. Why is it that girls, most of the time, hate each other even at first glance? As soon as they exchange a fake smile and go their separate ways, girls turn around and immediately make rude comments about the other girls hair, or makeup or clothes.

Other times, girls are envious of each others’ bodies. In my opinion, this is the worst kind of envy.


It’s degrading to compare yourself to someone else, because at the end of the day we’re all unlike each other. Girls can stare at magazines all day, raging on how their body doesn’t look like Miranda Kerr’s or Beyonce.


Instead of being green with envy, girls should be green with veggies!

Don’t ask why you can’t have a body like her or her. Instead of complaining, change it. You can start going to the gym, eating healthier, and toning up.

One example of jealousy is seen in Hamlet, when Claudius kills his own brother because he finds himself so jealous of him. He wanted his brothers’ wife, his life, and his power. Instead of working on himself to become a better person, Claudius let his envy take over. He solved a temporary lust with a permanent ‘solution’.

Envy and jealousy are both poisonous serpents, armed with the ability to turn any situation bad.

-Minh Thu P 6


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