Transformation Tuesdays!

One possible tool to use to motivate yourself is transformation pictures.  These are basically before and after pictures, and usually the results of the person’s hard work is visible.  It’s incredible seeing how much one person is able to change their body.  Seeing these real results could be the catalysts for people to start making changes in their own life.  For those of us that are struggling, this could be the factor that keeps us moving forward.  After all, if some random stranger on the internet can do it, so can you!

From skinny to swole

The best transformation pictures for motivating though, are ones of yourself. Taking before and after pictures of your body can be a huge motivating factor.  Seeing how your body changes week by week, month by month, gives you visible encouragement.  And if you ever reach an endpoint, you can use these pictures to look back and see how far you’ve come.  More importantly, you can post these photos so that others will be inspired and continue the circle of inspiration.  This same idea holds true in our innovation projects; by seeing others innovate, we are inspired to do work on our own.  Our very own Minh Thu Le has posted her transformation pictures for others to see.  Mine will be posted soon.  Check them out on our About Us page!  In addition, if you would like to see more possible pictures, check them out here.

Harrison Nguyen p6


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