ImageWhat’s that feeling? This familiar feeling that immediately floods your conscience after taking one too many bites of that ice cream, pizza, or fried chicken. 


I feel it every time I allow myself to indulge too much on an extra cookie or slice of cake. (Even at my own BIRTHDAY PARTY). It’s this feeling that makes me want to go back in time and undo that chocolate brownie, that apple pie, that red velvet cupcake. This feeling makes me wish that I had better control and self discipline. This feeling is always in the back of my mind, not revealing itself until after I had already taken a bite of that cheese cake or that doughnut. 

But then one day I saw this quote on Instagram: 

(I saw the quote, but I had to create the image below)


And it struck me. If I don’t expect one healthy salad to make me skinny, why in the bejeezus am I worrying about one slice of pizza making me fat? 

This quote triggered a catharsis; why didn’t I think of this logic before? I had beat myself up so many times for having an extra cheat meal here and there, but why? All this extra guilt was ridiculous because, what’s one cookie to a whole week of salads? 

This guilt can be felt in other areas as well. For one part, after looking through blog posts in class today, I looked back on mine thinking 

“Wow. I could make mine so much better.” 


I need to step up my blogging game, because as of now… I didn’t even realize how much room for improvement there is. 

But again. What’s a few blog posts in the past if I’m going to make my blog more and more awesome for the rest of the year? 

I do feel guilt that I didn’t notice my bad blogging skills sooner, but I won’t let it affect my progress the rest of the way. 

-Minh Thu P. 6 



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