Breaking Your Diet: It’s No Reason to Kill Yourself!

Feeling guilty about sneaking in that piece of fried chicken?  Don’t even sweat it!   Othello killed himself because he strangled his one true love.  That piece of fried chicken definitely is nothing compared to that reason.

Binge eating can make you feel like an uncontrollable little child

Dieting is the hardest thing about achieving a great body.  You can run five miles, lift heavy weights, but at the end of the day, if you eat a hamburger and a milkshake, all your exercise will be for  naught.   For most people, starting the diet is easy enough.  They eat healthy for one, two weeks, but then they cave in to temptation and then start binge eating.   This results in a complete loss of control of their diet, and they revert back to their former, unhealthy ways.  They feel like because they ate that bad food, they’ve failed in their goals and there’s no reason to continue trying.   This is completely untrue.

Binge eating is just another obstacle that you have to overcome.  Sure, it may seem like the end of the world now, but in the long run, you shouldn’t let that one slip-up change your mindset.  Everyone is human, therefore everyone makes mistakes.  Othello could not see this fact, and as a result killed the love of his life.  you however, can avoid Othello’s mistake.  Don’t worry about that moment of weakness.  Accept it, and move on. 

Harrison Nguyen p6

Some instructions for the post binge


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