Getting Swole With The Bros

A wise man once told me to always work out with a buddy.   Doesn’t matter what you’re doing, just find someone for you to workout with.  But why, though?  Why would I need someone to workout with when I can just do the workout by myself?  Why do I need to rely on someone when and where to workout?  What if they hold me back?  Well, I soon found out that finding a workout buddy was one of the best things you could do for yourself.  Why?  Well, a workout buddy helps you find your weaknesses and flaws; he or she helps you tinker out what’s wrong with your workout, the blind spots in them.   You can’t see whether your bench press form is wrong, or if you take too long of breaks in between sets.  A buddy can help you spot these issues and help you get on the right track of getting swole.
ImageAndy Phan Period 2


One comment on “Getting Swole With The Bros

  1. mattkdoan says:

    A workout buddy is a definite must have at the gym. I always make sure to go with a partner so I can always have a spotter when I lift heavier weights. Also, I like to have a partner who is as close to me as possible (strength wise). This is because I can always push myself to keep up with him and try to increase as he does etc. If my partner is way stronger/weaker, I find myself staying at my own pace which may hinder my progress. Equally important is the motivation they can give you. “Push it push it” or ” 1 more, don’t quit” are always helpful and can really make a good workout great. Love the post, keep it up. I look forward to your future posts as I am a gym enthusiast as well.

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