Curls for Girls?

The most popular exercise in the gym today has to be curls, whether it be hammer curls, bicep curls, reverse curl, or bar curls. Most guys feel like they need to focus on their arms, because that’s what girls admire in guys.  Likewise in today’s education system, kids do anything it takes to get the grade.  The end goal of education should be learning, but today’s popular method to measure that is through a letter on a piece of paper.  Thus, kids only focus on doing what it takes them to get a good grade.  What if I told you that you don’t need curls to get big arms, or a good grade to succeed in life?   Sure, you can get big arms through curls, but you can also just do compound movements such as bench presses or overhead presses and still achieve the same result.  Learning also comes the some way; you can either read those books and answer the questions, or you can go out and question the world, being an innovator.  So, next time you go to they gym, try benching or overhead pressing before you head over and start your billion sets of curls.


One comment on “Curls for Girls?

  1. Tricia Vuong says:

    Wow! What an informative blog post. I will be sure to try this out the next time I hit the gym.

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