Lose Five Pounds in Just One Week!

Our first reading book this year is Othello.  The antagonist in this book is Iago, who is considered to be the villain to end all villains.  Everything he says is true, but he manipulates these truths to control the people around him.  In the fitness world, I think that the villain for most people is the diets.  People are willing to lift those weights, but they are unwilling to give up that cheeseburger.  At the end though, I think that the diet equivalent of Iago is IIFYM.

These days, it seems like every new diet is promising weight loss in just a few weeks.  Some of these claims may seem a bit outlandish, and their methods even more so.  However, there are actually many people that have experienced success if they stick to the diets.  The truth is, all these diets DO work.  No matter how many people may say that their one diet is the right way, at the end of the day, all of these diets will work for the person who starts them, as long as that person stays true to the diet.  The reason for that is this; all diets will force you to become more aware of the foods that you are putting in your body.  Generally, all these diets force you to eat healthier too.  Personally for me, I find that IIFYM takes all the science behind dieting, and all the fads, and puts it into one diet that is tailored to personal needs.

IIFYM is a diet that is questionable for many.  It doesn’t encourage eating healthy, or even eating in moderation.  The only rule is that the calorie levels are not exceeded, and daily macro molecule standards are reached.  To sum it up, IIFYM takes all that is truth in the dieting world, and manipulates it into something that is so good that it almost seems evil.  That is why this is one of the most popular diets today.

Harrison Nguyen


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