Is cheating a good idea?

I know. Isn’t this a diet blog? Why did I post this mouthwatering picture of warm waffles drizzled in Nutella, topped with decadent ice cream and sweet strawberries? I know we’re all about promoting flexible eating here, but no matter how hard we try this meal would never fit our macros. But will it fit our minds? Let me explain with TWO WORDS:


A cheat meal is self explanatory; you go a whole week (or a few days) eating clean foods, and at the end of it treat yourself with one meal. This meal can be whatever you want it to be; even a whole pizza if need be. Now does this seem like a bad idea– or a good idea? At a cursory glance,  it may seem like a HORRIBLE idea. Why would you work so hard one week just to ruin it by eating an entire pizza, right?! WRONG.

Though seemingly a bad idea, it actually proves to be extremely efficacious and beneficial. Adequately planned cheat meals serve as a reward for hard work. It motivates the dieter to finish strong knowing that they’ll be indulging by the end of the week. It prohibits people from treating themselves too often or too little.

Sometimes bad ideas can turn out to be good, or good ideas can end up really bad. Thinking about such ideas can also be called “Bad Idea Farming.” Though something may seem like a great idea (for example firing all the teachers at FVHS), it might actually turn out catastrophic (the students rampage the halls and burn the entire school down without supervision).  This works the other way around as well; though something may seem like a bad idea (cheat meals), it may actually turn out very good (self discipline and reward).

-Minh Thu Le P. 6


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