She’s a Changed Person

She's a Changed Person

Snooki has changed… literally. She’s lost a tremendous amount of weight, not to mention she went from being a crazed party girl to a responsible mom!

I think I can actually look up to her now.

-Minh Thu Le P 6


Getting Swole With The Bros

A wise man once told me to always work out with a buddy.   Doesn’t matter what you’re doing, just find someone for you to workout with.  But why, though?  Why would I need someone to workout with when I can just do the workout by myself?  Why do I need to rely on someone when and where to workout?  What if they hold me back?  Well, I soon found out that finding a workout buddy was one of the best things you could do for yourself.  Why?  Well, a workout buddy helps you find your weaknesses and flaws; he or she helps you tinker out what’s wrong with your workout, the blind spots in them.   You can’t see whether your bench press form is wrong, or if you take too long of breaks in between sets.  A buddy can help you spot these issues and help you get on the right track of getting swole.
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If I have to di…

If I have to die tonight, if this weight is going to kill me tonight, SO BE IT! I’m dying where i wanna be…

Kai Greene is a world famous bodybuilder.  This quote speaks volumes to me, as it shows how passionate he is about weightlifting.  I think that this quote goes beyond just weightlifting, and speaks more about life itself.  If you died today, would you be happy where you’re at?  Are you doing things that you love?  Is each day better than the day before?  I feel like everyone should work towards being at a place where they could “die where they wanna be”.  At the end of Othello, Othello is willing to kill himself because he is dying at the place where he wants to be; next to the love of his life, Desdemona.

Kai Greene is a beast

Harrison Nguyen p 6

Curls for Girls?

The most popular exercise in the gym today has to be curls, whether it be hammer curls, bicep curls, reverse curl, or bar curls. Most guys feel like they need to focus on their arms, because that’s what girls admire in guys.  Likewise in today’s education system, kids do anything it takes to get the grade.  The end goal of education should be learning, but today’s popular method to measure that is through a letter on a piece of paper.  Thus, kids only focus on doing what it takes them to get a good grade.  What if I told you that you don’t need curls to get big arms, or a good grade to succeed in life?   Sure, you can get big arms through curls, but you can also just do compound movements such as bench presses or overhead presses and still achieve the same result.  Learning also comes the some way; you can either read those books and answer the questions, or you can go out and question the world, being an innovator.  So, next time you go to they gym, try benching or overhead pressing before you head over and start your billion sets of curls.

Bad… but good?

Brussels Sprouts. They’re one of the most unpopular vegetables known to MAN… well in my opinion, they are. They lack visual appeal and taste, but they are also very good for your health.

Othello also seems disliked in Shakespeare’s play; he’s an outsider (Moore) and is racially discriminated against. Nevertheless, his skills as a soldier are excellent and highly demanded in Venice.

-Minh Thu P. 6

Powering Your Brain With Fuel

How do I prepare my brain to go through a rigorous day?  Through a power breakfast, of course.   Eating a huge breakfast gets your brain running, and gives you energy to get your work done.  You’re feeding your brain and body what it needs and desires to function throughout the day, and setting the tone for what your day will be like.  It’s just like reading a few pages of a book or a blog in the morning; it wakes your brain up and gives it a wake up call in the morning.Image
-Andy Phan

Don’t wish for …

Don’t wish for it, work for it

In Othello, Iago believes that people should always be on the lookout for themselves. They should be plotting to make sure that they get their cut.  Likewise, in fitness, you can’t just sit around and hope for the best.  You have to go out and do it.


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